Precautions for use

  • ISEAL insole is not suitable for people with excessive knock-knees. If you are not too sure, we recommend you should consult with the orthopaedist or knee surgeon before using ISEAL insole.

  • If your foot feels too tight when you set ISEAL insole in your shoe, this shoe may not be suitable for ISEAL insole. Do not cut the sides or heel area of ISEAL insole in order to squeeze it into your shoe.

  • Once ISEAL insole wears off, please replace it with the new one. Although it depends on how it is used, it is recommended that you replace ISEAL insole every 6 months.

  • Despite positive effects of ISEAL insole on preventing some types of injuries, this does not mean ISEAL insole will prevent you from injuries. Please note that we (Global Bridge Melbourne pty. ltd.) have no liability even if you suffer from injuries or any other negative conditions. Please use it at your own risks.

Terms and Conditions


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