The initial research for ISEAL insole development was back in 2008 as part of honours research by Dr Nagano. As the inventor, Dr Nagano introduces the missions of ISEAL insole.

The missions of ISEAL insole

About the Inventor (Dr Hanatsu Nagano)

Dr Nagano was born in Kitakyushu and grown up in Yokohama Japan. He initially studied in the U.S. and moved to Australia to study “Exercise/Health Science” at Victoria University.

He demonstrated good understanding in Biomechanics and Prof Rezaul Begg, known as the leading researcher for “falls prevention based on gait biomechanics”, offered him an opportunity for honours research. Dr Nagano’s grandfather fell and got injured at the time, which made him decide to start honours research.

He achieved First-class Honours and received “Award for Outstanding Research Achievement”. The theoretical idea of ISEAL insole was developed then.

He received International Postgraduate Research Scholarship to continue his PhD research on ISEAL insole. After years of research, he concluded that ISEAL insole enhanced the certain ankle motions and associated gait functions, which improved walking performance and therefore, reduced injury risks.

The insole was named after the research institution, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL).

Dr Nagano was awarded to Most Innovative New Care Product in the World in 2017.

Process of Developing ISEAL Insole

Theory of ISEAL insole was developed based on honours research in biomechanics.
Honours research received “First- class Honours” and “Award for Outstanding Research Achievement”.
Effects of ISEAL technology were tested during the PhD research.
Tested whether ISEAL technology could enhance walking functions.
Provisional patent
“Injury Reduction Insole”
Prototype insole was made.
More than 10 times of modification.
International Patent
“Injury Reduction Insole”
WO2016/015091 A1
Human trials
Long-term use of insole was tested over 6 months for 39 healthy senior adults and 30 senior frail inpatients, and reduction in the rate of falls was confirmed.
Collaborative research between Victoria University(Australia) and University of Tsukuba(Japan).
Global Bridge Melbourne was established.
ISEAL insole and Dr Nagano received Global Award for Most Innovative New Care Product in the World in 2017.
ISEAL insole was on sale in the cruise ship.



ISEAL stands for “Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living”, the research institution within Victoria University of Australia, specialised in Health and Exercise science. ISEAL has conducted a number of research projects with professional/elite sport teams and clinical institution.